School supply list brings back memories

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 1, 2006

I recently came across a fourth grade supply list for Thompson Intermediate School.

All the talk of pencil pouches and plastic folders (without brads) really stirred something up.

The memories of those carefree school days hit me like a swift kick in the pants from Rusty, the sixth grade bully.

Ah, to be in the fourth grade, the peak of childhood.

A time when social order was settled over foot races during recess.

When lunch came with a juice box and a note from mom. When a hard days work was rewarded with a game of Heads Up Seven Up.

My untied shoe laces and sloppy cursive used to drive Mrs. Dabney nuts.

Still, I learned a lot in that year.

My penmanship hasn’t changed much, but if she could get a look at my well-secured footwear I think Mrs. Dabney would be proud.

A new crop of fourth graders will register at schools across Shelby County this week as students prepare for the upcoming school year.

And before that first bell rings, I thought I’d share the supply list from Thompson Intermediate School, with the hopes, perhaps, that it will stir up some fourth grade memories of your own.

-3 pkgs 200 count notebook paper wide-ruled

-1 pkg 12 count Crayola coloring pencils

-1 pair Fiskar scissors, blunt 5&uot;

-2 glue sticks

-1 roll paper towels

-1 composition notebook

-1 box Kleenex

-1 pkg Exp Dry-Erase markers

-1 pkg assorted construction paper 9×12

-1 box Crayola Washable Markers, classic colors

-1 pink eraser

-1 pkg baby wipes

-1 plastic pencil pouch

-1 red plastic folder without brads

-1 watercolors palle