Summer vacations a good way to go

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 1, 2006

We are just a few days into August now, but most of us are gearing up to return to our normal work schedules. Vacations are over for most; children will be back in school next week, if they aren’t already in class.

Summer, at least the way I envision it with grills a blazing and waves a rolling, is practically finished.

However, in Europe this month, many workers are on a four-week long vacation.

Cities like Madrid, Paris and Rome practically shut down as people head to the Mediterranean for some serious R and R. Everyone leaves town and nothing really gets accomplished.

Sounds great to me.

We could take a lesson from our friends across the pond. Think about it. There is not even a single holiday during August.

Between the Fourth of July and Labor Day, all you can find on the calendar is work and more work.

The average American takes just around two-weeks of vacation a year, the lowest amount of any other Western country.

Imagine if you did nothing this entire month. Get completely out of contact with the office, e-mails and cell phones included.

You would come back rejuvenated, refreshed and probably with a pretty good tan.

When we do get away, we should do that-get away. Regardless of where you work, the business probably won’t fall under while you’re gone.

We shouldn’t feel guilty about being gone. No well-run company is so dependent on one employee that it goes to pieces without him or her. So relax, things will be fine when you get back to town.

I know economists will tell me that the difference has to do with our capitalistic society versus a socialist leaning European mindset.

I also know that some professionals, including my own, don’t allow such long breaks. But it’s fun to think about anyway.