Calera denies subdivision

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 8, 2006

The Calera City Council voted Monday to deny a zoning request for a 61-home subdivision.

Developer Mickey Hayes was requesting that land owned by Harold Nix be zoned from municipal reserve to residential garden homes.

The city council unanimously voted to deny the change after a dozen residents came to a public hearing to express concern over the impact new homes would have on traffic, water supply and property values.

&8220;We should have something that we are proud of &8212;not something we are ultimately ashamed and embarrassed by,&8221; said Brandon Tew.

Many residents who spoke said they weren&8217;t opposed to the subdivision if only the homes were built on larger lots than the 65 square feet Hayes proposed.

&8220;I don&8217;t mind a subdivision going in there,&8221; said Virginia Avery. &8220;But I would like to see the zoning level go up. I don&8217;t want garden homes going in there.&8221;

Hayes argued that any water concerns would have to be addressed before final approval. He added he lives in a garden home and that they &8220;are nice homes, not junky homes.&8221;

However, the council voted to deny the zoning change.

&8220;I personally think this isn&8217;t a good place to put homes,&8221; said Councilman Mike Roberson