Letters to the Editor for August 9, 2006

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Letter to the Editor

Dear editor,

The article on the Westover Planning Commission meeting that appeared in the August 2, 2006 edition of The SCR omitted some details that I believe are critical to understanding the situation in Westover and the Westover Park controversy.

It is true that Bill Sprattlin was the only person who spoke in favor of the project. It is also true that he is one of the developers.

He said, &8220;We are not going to bail people out of jail and sell them homes.&8221; Who does he see as his customer?

Jefferson and Shelby Counties are struggling with an overwhelming influx of legal and illegal immigrants.

It is common to find three or four families living in a single residence. Immigrants aside, what about the rest of the 800 residents who will move into this community?

For cities with capable police departments and organized municipal structures this would be a challenge. For Westover, with no police department and little municipal structure, this is a disaster.

I thought the discussion of buffers, by the Mayor, was pure pandering. The Mayor, the Planning Commission and the Town Council are all very aware of four petitions that were presented to them several weeks ago.

One of these petitions addressed violations of the Westover Zoning Ordinance section 46.05 and PUD guidelines 1.12 and 1.13.

These cover buffers, clear cutting, tree removal and &8220;preserving neighborhoods and rural open lands The Mayor and members of Westover Town government have had ample opportunities to enforce their own ordinances, enact penalties for violations and prevent the rape and scrape by the developers. They have chosen to do nothing.

One member of the Westover Town Council, Susan Strickland, has been the lone voice of reason in this modern day land rush.

At the regular meeting of the Westover Town Council on Aug. 1, 2006, Councilwoman Strickland proposed four motions to address some of the concerns raised by the overwhelming outpouring of public dissatisfaction related to the Westover Park project as well as other troubling issues.

None of these motions were adopted.

What are they afraid of?

Mike Sertell