Acts of kindness unexpected, yet still possible

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A recent family trip to the newly revamped Gulf Shores State Park had one major bummer for me.

At some point I lost my driver&8217;s license and proof of insurance card. I removed the two from my wallet, thinking I might lose my wallet carrying it around in swim trunks and board shorts.

Plus, since my parents were footing the bill for everything, I didn&8217;t need my wallet, and left it at home, taking with me a few dollars and what I needed to legally drive.

However, at some point the two cards fell out of my beach bag. The last place I know I had them was in the changing room. I could have left them there or lost them on the beach itself.

I was kind of hoping I left the license on the beach, that way high tide would come in and sweep them into the Gulf of Mexico. After all, those two cards have a lot of personal information on them.

I got my license before the state stop printing social security numbers on them. Plus, the license had my address, date of birth and signature, all information identity thieves can use for ill gain.

My greatest fear was that someone was using my info to establish a new line of credit for a boathouse. Even at the very best, I though some underage teen was using it to go nightclubbing in Panama City. Either way, not how I want my personal information used.

I told my family that maybe some kind soul would find it and mail it to me. I would do that if I found someone&8217;s driver&8217;s license. It&8217;s just too dangerous to lose nowadays.

But the next couple of days passed and no incoming mail. I finally conceded that it was gone, and went to the courthouse to stand in line for a new one.

Then this last weekend, two weeks since my vacation, I got a letter from a Mike and Ruby in Fayetteville, Tenn. She told me that her family found my license on the park&8217;s pavilion, thought she should return it and signed the letter &8220;God bless you.&8221;

It&8217;s trite to say, but that kind of act sort restores your faith in mankind. All we ever seem to hear about is murder, abductions and abuse. War and terrorism dominate the news.

However, it&8217;s nice to know that there are people who still look out for others, who still try to do what is right. So, thank you Mike and Ruby for reminding me of that