Calera goes into executive session

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The city of Calera went into an hour-long executive session Monday night to discuss purchasing property for the city.

Mayor George Roy made the motion to go into executive session after the council finished its agenda for the Aug. 21 meeting.

The council voted to go into a 30-minute session, which ran long, and returned with no mention of what was discussed.

Afterwards, the council did vote to further extend a contract with Skipper Consultant, Inc. for a study on Parkway Road development. The council voted to pay the Birmingham-based firm $58,700 for its work. The current contract with Skipper is for $27,500.

Roy did not say if the contract or study is related to a possible land purchase.

At the meeting, the council also voted to annex property from Billy K. Graham, Jr. and Randy P. Jordan