Animal abuse a big issue

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 29, 2006

In early July, a six-month of puppy was shot directly in the face near Highways 62 and 85 in Vincent. Shelby County Animal Control Office Donald Kendrick described the dog as &8220;friendly&8221; and a &8220;sweetheart,&8221; adding that there was no justification for the injury.

Now named Annie and living in an adopted home, the puppy lost an eye and needed several operations to remove buckshot repair skull fractures.

What makes the case even sadder is that Kendrick says the abuse is not isolated. He says his office daily deals with animal abuse and neglect, many cases that don&8217;t end as happily as Annie&8217;s.

This is not the first time senseless cruelty toward animals has occurred in Shelby County. A reward is still being offered for information on a cow and a cat shot by an arrow earlier last year.

It is imperative that anyone with information in these two cases or any animal neglect case come forward. These poor creatures can&8217;t speak for themselves. It is up to us to protect them.

Officer Kendrick may say it best when he says that even if you don&8217;t care for animals &045; if you know anything tell it, if only to protect your fellow man. Numerous studies have shown that people with tendencies to abuse animals are likely to someday hurt someone.

Anyone with information in Annie&8217;s case or other animal abuse cases is encouraged to call Officer Kendrick at 669-8766