Columbiana leaders rank 2007 capital projects

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 29, 2006

As an approved budget for Columbiana&8217;s 2007 fiscal year looms closer, city officials are deciding on their top-10 list of capital improvements in the coming months.

Mayor Allan Lowe presented a list of possible projects last month during a work session, asking each council member to rate the projects based on importance to the city.

&8220;We&8217;re looking to accomplish as many of these as possible,&8221; Lowe said. &8220;A lot of that is based on this year&8217;s budget and how much funds we have available for capital projects.&8221;

Projects on Lowe&8217;s initial list include:

uPurchase and development of the former Summer Classics property for use a retail and residential city center. The area could potentially include a number of public use facilities such as a park and amphitheater.

– Numerous street projects within the city limits. The project entails identifying areas that need improvements and bidding out projects.

uPurchase of an asphalt spreader. Lowe said he believes purchasing a spreader would allow the city to take care of a number of patching and paving concerns without having to contract out the projects.

uExpansion of the Egg and Butter Road sewer line. The project would involve installing a sewer main along the road to provide better service to the surrounding area.

uBuilding a community storm shelter. The proposed project could be built behind Columbiana&8217;s fire station, Lowe said. The shelter would provide a safe haven for residents during extreme weather and accommodate as many as 200 people.

uConstruction of a press box and bleachers at the Columbiana sports complex. The new features would accommodate a growing number of fans and teams joining the city&8217;s sport programs each year.

uCity-wide sidewalk project. The project would extend sidewalks from downtown Columbiana to make other commercial and residential areas within walking distance of the city center.

In addition to rating the projects in order of importance, Lowe asked council members to propose other projects that should be considered.

&8220;We have to look at all of our needs and choose wisely the ones we want to pursue first,&8221; Lowe said at the meeting.

The council will discuss their ideas on the capital improvements once the city&8217;s 2007 budget has been improved, Lowe said