Let it Grow: Tools are more than spades and hoes

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Gardening tools are more than spades and hoes.

The tools that you use to work (or play) in the garden include but are not limited to the pants or shorts you wear, your shirts, jackets, types of hats and your shoes or boots.

When you choose your gardening tools remember to buy good quality, durable and comfortable tools.

Yes, comfortable. There are new designs for rake and cultivator handles that make them easier to use with less strain on the back and arms. Also consider the proper gloves for the type work you are doing. For example: If you are using power tools, such as a chain saw or weed trimmer, you&8217;ll want to use gloves with a non-slip grip coating. If you are raking or hoeing, try the padded palm types.

Tools can range from a truck to a garden hose. My computers are even tools that help me research things pertaining to gardening.

Another thing to consider is the durability of tools. Does the tool have a lifetime warranty? If so, can you just run down to the local garden shop and get it replaced if you break it?

Let me tell you about two of my recent experiences with tools and warranties.

1. Many years I bought 19 Swan Soft and Supple garden hoses. After a lot of daily use, 11 of them finally failed. I researched the warranty information online and they were covered by a lifetime warranty. I followed the instructions to get replacement hoses and within one week, Swan shipped the new hoses to my door.

2. In 1993, I bought a rain suit from L. L. Bean. I wore it out mostly from cleaning it after using it in the mud and rain. Again, I contacted the company and they told me how to get a replacement. I received it last week, no questions asked.

A lot of tool manufacturers have lifetime warranties on their premium line tools. Sure, they may cost a little more; but if you use them every day, the extra insurance is worth a few dollars more.

I have some tools that I use almost every day in the garden that I have had for over 20 years. Though they have a lifetime warranty, I&8217;ve never had to replace them.

Bottom line: Don&8217;t buy cheap tools. Buy the ones that last