Chelsea All-State awards athletes

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 3, 2006


Chelsea-based Allstate Agent Jim Anthony and his team honor local high school athletes each week in their community.

The Anthony Agency presents one Chelsea High School football player and one cheerleader with their Allstate &8220;Good Hands Award,&8221; which honors the athletes&8217; outstanding contributions to their team&8217;s success.

&8220;In Chelsea, the entire community rallies around the high school football team each week,&8221; said Anthony.

&8220;We wanted a way to honor the outstanding players and cheerleaders that bring so much joy and excitement to our town, so we created the Allstate &8216;Good Hands Award.&8217; It has been a huge success, bringing enthusiasm to the school and also getting the Allstate name out in the community even more.&8221;

Anthony knows well the loyal community following carried by the Chelsea Hornets football team.

Being a Hornets fan himself, he wanted to find a way for his business to become more involved in the community while also giving the high school athletes something to strive toward.

Each week, the coaches nominate one outstanding football player and cheerleader to be the recipients of the award.

At the school&8217;s pep rally before each game, Anthony Agency representative Cherie Miller announces that week&8217;s &8220;Good Hands Award&8221; recipients.

The player and cheerleader come forward and the Anthony Agency presents them with dog-tag necklaces.

Later that evening during the football game halftime, the &8220;Good Hands Award&8221; recipients are called to the center of the field along with their parents to be recognized and presented with a trophy from the Anthony Agency.

&8220;We&8217;re really pleased with the way the kids have taken to this award,&8221; said Anthony.

&8220;To hear them cheering &8216;Allstate! Allstate!&8217; during the pep rally is wild. We&8217;re just glad to be a part of Hornets football, and to help give these kids the recognition they deserve.&8221;

Next year, Anthony plans to expand the &8220;Good Hands Award&8221; by also presenting one to a high school band member each week, in addition to the awards presented to the football player and cheerleader.