Chelsea values nature

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 7, 2006

It seems Chelsea citizens appreciate the simple joy flowers and plants add to life.

One month ago, the Chelsea City Council approved a $1,600 landscaping project to plant flowers in the Highway 280 medians. Now, members of the Chelsea Environmental Committee are applying for a grant that would create a botanical garden in a portion of Chelsea Recreational Park which currently only has ball-fields and walking trails.

The garden would sport rare and native Alabama plants, as well as a butterfly garden, bridges, benches and paths through the garden. The garden will also be a home for native plants in danger of becoming extinct.

The primary use of the garden will be educational, but not just for students and teachers to enjoy. In the garden, native species and the scientific name of all the plants and flowers will be identified.

In the midst of a county that places great emphasis on sports, a botanical garden is a much-needed addition to the existing city park. Shelby County is a shrinking environment with new developments and subdivisions springing up left and right. In light of this, it&8217;s encouraging to see residents of Chelsea who care about not losing touch with nature and value the pleasure of a beautiful flower.

Hopefully, such a place will inspire and spark an interest in nature in today&8217;s young generations and the ones to come after.