Letters to the editor for November 15, 2006

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dear Editor,

Why? Why does our judicial system keep letting our children down and putting them in danger?

Every time they free a sex offender or someone convicted of looking at little children engaging in sex acts, a.k.a child porn, they put our children in danger.

These people are sick and they cannot be healed and sure don&8217;t belong in society. Our counties have to pay their deputies to make sure they are where they say they are. I can&8217;t understand why they are free to walk among us and mingle where our children are.

They have to serve a little time in jail and when they are freed they stalk more little children, molest them and at times kill our children. Too many times they are never caught only to find them another innocent victim.

We should be afraid of these non-human people. Innocent children don&8217;t tell.

Any other species of animal would never molest their babies; this is why I can call them non-human. Only a sick-minded person can harm a child in this manner. They should build a prison in every state for child molesters and put them there to prey on one another and never be freed to threaten our children.

Do the judge&8217;s that free these sickos have children? Are they not in fear that they would attack another innocent victim?

Just posted at the local store, a freed convicted child molester is possibly living in the woods in my neighborhood. The place where my child and all his friends spend their time exploring and playing.

Now in the woods, I have to fear my child will run into a child molester. It&8217;s in the news everyday a freed child molester finding another victim a.k.a our children.

There is no justice in this country for our children. How does one change the judicial system in this country?

Every parent of every child should be outraged when they free these sick and non-human people. Our judicial system is not working for our children, seems they work for the child molesters.

Protect your children.

Debbie Genry / Montevallo

I recently had the opportunity to spend a few minutes one afternoon with members of the Columbiana Culture Club.

This group of women represents some of the finest examples of community spirit and leadership.

Leaders by in large have positive attitudes and inspire others to set and met personal, as well as civic goals.

I asked these ladies to share what they considered to be the best things about living in Columbiana.

The following list was created as they shared their description of their community.

-People in Columbiana support those in need.

-The people are friendly.

-Citizens have a caring attitude for one another.

-Through efforts of business owners, the City Council, and citizens, the town is attractive.

-There are close knit relationships between families, neighbors, and community leaders.

-There is hospitality of the people towards fellow citizens and visitors.

-People demonstrate a devotion to God and church family.

-Citizens display respect for others.

-Courtesy is shown to all.

-There are cultural opportunities available for all ages.

-There is a small town atmosphere with large town access nearby.

-Civic leaders are looking to the future and moving Columbiana ahead.

-People are willing to mentor others with similar interests.

-The countryside is beautiful.

-And, as in all small towns, the interesting and unique characters that everyone knows and loves.

We appreciate all that these women have done on their own, and through the Culture Club to make our town a better place to live.

Beth Glasgow / Columbian