Christ-giving a welcomed change

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Finally, all the Christmas decorations, events, music, and programs are acceptable.

Finally, I don&8217;t have to hear another person complain, &8220;People start decorating for Christmas earlier and earlier,&8221; or &8220;What happened to Thanksgiving?&8221;

Finally, I can tune into the Christmas season without feeling sucked into

the light, trees, and holiday food by what everyone else is doing or selling or saying.

This year, my family celebrated a new version of the holidays, Christ-giving.

We visited my family for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays combined, and contrary to what it may seem I really enjoyed the shortened version of the holiday.

With the drama of giving and getting presents and loads of food throuroughly digested, I now can relax.

I didn&8217;t miss Thanksgiving at all and I have over half of my Christmas list completed.

When Christmas does come around, my husband and I will celebrate another Christ-giving in London with his family.

Ahh. Christmas