Let it Grow: Theres a lot to do with left over turkey

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I can&8217;t believe I am still eating sandwiches and dressing from last week&8217;s feast of beasts!

The other day I baked one 16-pound turkey in the oven with a lemon, orange and three herb stuffing.

Also, I smoked a nineteen-pounder in the smoker seasoned with Merlot soaked white oak chips. Additionally, I fried two 10-pound turkeys (not injected) and fried three small whole hens too.

It definitely was a fowl Thanksgiving Day.

I won&8217;t even tell you about all of the veggies I cooked. There were too many to name.

Now, with all of those left over birds, what did I do?

First of all, I removed all of the meat from the skeleton; this was done after letting the birds rest for about 20-minutes after cooking.

All of the meat cuts were placed on proper serving trays which made it easy to put away the leftovers after dinner.

I separated the leftovers and placed some in the freezer, making sure that I put enough in the wrappers to make at least two sandwiches.

The freezer fills up fast, but clears out just as fast.

I&8217;ve had turkey and chicken just about any way you can on a couple of pieces of bread. I&8217;ve even tried it on different kinds of bread.

This morning, I made pan-warmed, smoked turkey on homemade heavy cream biscuits with cheese.

Next week, we&8217;ll get back to gardening and outdoor living, but until then, I&8217;ll get some recipes up on the website so you can start planning some unusual dishes for your other holiday celebrations.

Remember, the winter solstice is coming up in a few weeks and Groundhog Day is less than three months away!

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