Let it Grow: Outdoor living can be part of winter too

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 6, 2006

One of the most popular facets of gardening right now is outdoor living.

This can cover anything from creating hardscapes, ponds, patios and pergolas to outdoor kitchens, open fire pits, mood lighting and container gardening.

But, outdoor living shouldn&8217;t be only an activity enjoyed in the warmer weather. It should be a part of everyday life!

Who&8217;d want an expensive stone patio if all you can do with it is look at it in the winter.

Get out there and enjoy it!

Put on warmer clothes, invite some friends over and declare your get-together a barbecue!

Your guests would never complain as long as you make the patio or deck

attractive with lighting and a way to warm up.

Try placing your grill in a central location where everyone can come in close when they get a chill.

If you have an open fire pit or chiminea, it&8217;s always easy to get your guests to hang around the main part of the party.

I was raised in a house with a coal fired fireplace. Only the part of you that faces the fire will get toasty and warm.

With an outdoor fireplace, it&8217;ll keep the guests moving around &045; thus keeping the outdoor chef (you) easily entertaining everyone.

Be sure to let everyone participate in the outdoor cooking. Even if it&8217;s nothing but toasting

marshmallows on a stick.

Keep the keg outside too!

That&8217;s always a good way to keep the true outdoorsy types outside. While the wimps and the people who don&8217;t know how to dress for cool weather away from the fun.

Bottom line&8230;enjoy the outdoors. Being in the backyard is an easy preventative for cabin fever!

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