SC Youth Leadership seniors attend retreat

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 6, 2006


The Youth Leadership Shelby County Class of 2006-07 recently completed their retreat at the Columbiana, 4-H Center Nov. 4-5.

The students were selected from Shelby County High School for their accomplishments as leaders in their schools and communities.

There are 33 high school juniors in the 2006-2007 class, and they attend meetings every month to make them more aware of their county.

They also participate in a community project, which they will present at graduation.

They graduate in April 2007. The following students participate in the program.

Students from Calera High School include Lance Pierce, Leah Cofer and Brooke Roberson.

Students from Pelham High School include Ashlee Contomo, Megan Shook, Kellie Kema, Georgia Nolen and Blake Menke.

Students from Chelsea High School include Brett Hancock, Austin Lafferty, Katie Shaddix and Meredith Hooper.

Students from Shelby County High School include Blair Granger, Kimberly Agee, Pam Morgan, Zach Finklea and Meagan Seale.

Student from Hoover High School include Deloris Wilson.

Student from Thompson High School include Jessica Lee and Whitney Wash.

Students from Montevallo High School include Barbara Czeskieba, Maeghen Pickett, Justin Posey and Alex Murdoch.

Students from Vincent High School include Olivia Bearden and Caleb Spradley.

Students from Oak Mountain High School include Slay Huff, Poojit Ravikumar, Taylor Kesterson, Katherine Bailey, Jordyn Culbreth, Ashley Zachmann and Joel Bloom