Sweet new year in a sweet new place

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 6, 2006

The most common question I have received in the past four years, &8220;How did you wind up in Auburn from Orlando?&8221; I&8217;m sure they really want to know is why I chose to leave the Sunshine State to come to the heart of Dixie.

My answer has never changed. I wanted to move away for college and enjoy the ambience a college town has to offer.

After driving a little under 500 miles, I hit I-85 and the Auburn exit &8220;6 miles.&8221;

It wasn&8217;t till then when it hit me that I have moved away from my parents, away from the norm, to a place where the only person I knew was me.

The steering wheel was wet from the perspiration of my palms. I was 18 and had no idea what I was doing.

There were many times I wanted to leave and go home, I was in unfamiliar territory and homesick like a little puppy. But I stuck through it and made many friends and memories on the plains that I wouldn&8217;t change for anything.

Now there are ten days between me and the Auburn diploma. Finally I will have a piece of paper validating all my hard work and out-of-state tuition.

After spending the last 15 weeks in Wilcox County performing my internship, I was introduced to rural Alabama in all its glory. A huge kick in the butt awakening is what I received as I stepped into a town where police scanners are in every business and many homes and everyone knows what you do before you do it.

My journalism degree brings me here. As the new reporter in Shelby County I had no idea on that day four years ago I would move to the Birmingham area.

Nevertheless, I am excited to be here and eager to learn about the area. Writing is my passion; as long as I can do that I will always be happy.

As I enter the new year and a new life I am happy to be close to my &8220;War Eagle&8221; friends and I hope that &8216;Sweet Home Alabama&8217; will bring a sweet year for me