Letters to the editor for December 27, 2006

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dear Editor,

The Helena City Council proved once more that they are more interested in pleasing the interests of a developer over that of its citizens.

It was a chance for the Council members to rule safety and the interests of homeowners over the interests of one person. Yet they chose once more to go with the developer. Apparently 70 signed petitions and a room full of residents did nothing to sway their minds.

The residents of Falliston, Falliston Ridge and Tocoa

Park spent many hours researching and coming up with alternatives that would still allow this developer to have his commercial development. We did our research, we had experts provide testimony and individuals in our neighborhood showed overwhelmingly that our neighborhood would be adversely affected by this development without changes to this site plan, yet the council members refused to open their ears and truly hear our concerns.

One of the claims was that since traffic is already bad, we should just get over it. Another council-person indicated her subdivision is used as a cut thru all the time and it was just something we should accept. Yet here was a chance for them to prevent traffic in a residential neighborhood from deteriorating as well. Here was a chance to avoid increasing the problems of Highway 52 and Squire.

Apparently, since other neighborhoods in Helena are also experiencing this, the council felt that we too should be part of this increasing problem! I guess they didn&8217;t want us to feel left out.

Simple issues such as requests for additional buffers for noise were also denied this was despite efforts by our neighbors to show where other stores have this kind of buffer and it works well. It is true that the buffers are not a requirement – but surely if the integrity of our neighborhood was at stake – it should have been considered.

Finally and most insulting to our residents, was the fact that private discussions between the developer, the developer&8217;s engineer were allowed at an open meeting. This was absolutely wrong!

We applaud Katherine Ennis and Barbara Hyche for their nay vote at the council, as for the rest of the folks on that council and on the board that approved the plan initially, we the residents of Falliston, Tocoa and Falliston Ridge will remember your vote.

Mary R. Idzerda Perko, Helena

Dear Editor,

I am a teacher at Chelsea High School, and I have Davin Palmer in one of my classes. He is a polite, kind-hearted student who has never let the attention go to his head. I agree that he deserved the honor that your paper awarded him. I know he may have made a poor choice or two, but who among us has not made a poor choice in our past? That&8217;s what grace is for!

We are proud of Davin and his accomplishments and thank you for his honor.

Laura Parks, Chelsea High School

Dear Editor,

Shelby County growth is out of control.

Wealthy developers are turning to city governments to rezone properties to maximize their profits. Once the deal is made, the city government nor the developer are concerned with the reasons the county would not rezone the property. But instead, they turn to the county to fix the problems they have created, such as over-crowded schools, ball parks and roadways. This depresses the resale value of existing homes because the market has been flooded.

City governments are over-populating to generate tax revenue without creating the infrastructure to support such growth. Once over-populated, the schools can not give the quality education that our children deserve, the county can not maintain roadways to handle the traffic flow and the crime rate will rise.

Even if we do not live in the city limits, we pay sales taxes, share the same schools, roadways and utility sources.

The city of Chelsea is having a rezoning hearing Jan. 2, 2007 at 7 p.m. If you live in this area, I hope you will come to voice your opinion and show support for those opposing the rezoning.

Robert Bearden, Columbiana

Dear Editor,

This is some thing that I think the county should know. My brother was killed in a car wreck at the intersection of Highway 280 and Highway 47. February will be two years. I placed a four-foot cross at the light. Last Wednesday, my oldest son was killed in a car wreck. That same night, someone stole my brother&8217;s &8220;Danny Kent&8221; cross! What kind of EVIL person would do something like that? I would love to know any information on this horrid act. Thank You.

Marianna Kent Knighton, Montevallo

Dear Editor,

I am a teacher at Chelsea High School and I know Davin Palmer personally. He does deserve the Player of the Year honor. Thank you for defending his right to hold this title.

Mary Easterling, Chelsea High Schoo