Truth opens doors

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Now that Matthew Cloyd, Benjamin Moseley and Russell DeBusk Jr. have plead guilty to their arson, the healing process can begin.

The three college students were arrested March 8 for setting fire to Rehobeth Baptist, Ashby Baptist, Old Union Baptist, Pleasant Sabine Baptist, and Antioch Baptist Church in Bibb County, Dancy Baptist Church in Pickens County, Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church in Greene County, and Spring Valley Baptist and Galilee Baptist Church in Sumter County.

A warning of the destruction alcohol and carelessness can bring, the first blaze started during a night of partying and deer spotlighting, when the men broke into a church and set artificial flowers on fire. The other fires were set days later to distract investigators.

The entire story is so sad, but is finally coming to an end. Once sentenced on March 28, the three young men will begin earning back the lives they left behind.

Our hearts go out to all those involved, from church members who lost their houses of worship, to friends and family members of the boys, to the firefighters injured while putting out the blaze at Ashby Baptist Church.

The young men&8217;s confessions have opened a door to healing, and for all who were and are still involved, it is time to take that step through it.

So many criminals never own up to their mistakes, their guilt and the hurt they have caused others.

So much was lost, but at least now the truth remains.