Major Miller throws first party

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Major Miller-Kirby had a Christmas party early in December.

He invited his neighbors to celebrate the season by stopping by for some holiday cheer while walking their &8220;precious pooches.&8221;

The invitation read &8220;Dogs Love Christmas Too!!&8221;

Major Miller, a Brittany Spaniel, is a familiar sight on Vine Street when he escapes his leash and streaks across the University of Montevallo campus.

During those hours of freedom he has made many friends among the canine group and he invited them all to his celebration.

The festive party was held in the guest house of John and Carolyn Kirby.

The little cottage was filled with Christmas music and decorated for the holidays.

There was a doggie Christmas tree and special gifts for the pups.

Neckerchiefs adorned with bells were tied around their necks and they were given toys and treats.

Their walkers were not left out; there was delicious apple cider, cookies, cheese and crackers.

The dogs couldn&8217;t decide whether they liked the treats intended for them or those for their walkers. They jumped into laps and begged a share.

As the owners and their pups gathered, Major Miller could not contain his excitement.

He jumped the fence and took a turn around town just to show off a bit.

Before the search party went out he returned to fill the role of a charming host.

He greeted his guests with a wet kiss or a wagging tail.

All of the dogs had the true holiday spirit with no growling or snapping – not a Scrooge in the bunch.

Angel, a perky little Boston Terrier, was there with owner, Jeanette Crew.

Rusty, a beautiful blond Cocker Spaniel, was accompanied by his folks Doris and Glenn Lien.

Kelly Thacker came with her feisty terrier, Betty, and Donley Ray brought Layne, a very busy miniature Jack Russell.

The Dachshund, Wurst, came from across the street along with his walkers Bill and Catherine Legg.

Major Miller&8217;s especially invited guests were his part-time sitters Faye and George Roberts.

Donley Ray said &8220;This was a wonderful party and certainly the only &8216;doggie party&8217; I&8217;ve ever attended.

I don&8217;t know whether the dogs or their care-givers enjoyed it most.&8221;

Carolyn Kirby probably had the best time of all as she enthusiastically planned the party and visited with the dogs and her &8220;people&8221; neighbors.

She remarked, &8220;This has been so much fun!

I think Major will have a Christmas party every year.&8221;

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