In luck down in the muck, under the sea

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 10, 2007

&8220;Under the sea&8221; was the theme of my last weekend.

Surrounded by millions of gallons of fresh and salt water at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, my

eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when I looked above and saw the largest fish in the world pacing by.

The whale shark swam slowly with a school following its side fins, hoping to not be the night&8217;s feast.

In the tank with the whale shark was the giant grouper. With its large underbite, it sat floating, starring at the glass and us visitors with a &8216;Hey Dude&8217; attitude.

But by far, my favorite was the floating pacific sea nettle. A type of jellyfish, this creature floated up and down beaming off a fluorescent orange glow behind an electric blue wall. The beauty and brightness of this sea animal would make it a perfect nightlight to ward off bedtime sea monsters.

I thought how appropriate a Fish Market would be out front. Unfortunately, my hunger was not satisfied.

But take it from me, if you ever get the chance, go and see that life is better under the sea