Walk to remember, fight for a cure

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Walking for a cure that will change the world is something every man, woman and child can fight for.

In the upcoming months, Relay for Life will be all over the Birmingham area, and in Shelby County. These simple laps can make a difference in life, death and remembering those we have lost and those who have kicked the sickness to the curb.

I have had several family members lost, diagnosed, survive and still battling this evil malignancy, with a scare that hits too close to home.

Sitting in a hospital, doctor&8217;s office, or waiting on a phone call can make you chew the skin around your fingernails. The dream of finding a way to destroy this eliminator will one day become a reality.

If you have known someone with this disease, it is as if cancer is eating through your own body.

So take part. Participate in events that fight against an evil killing people everyday. Know there

is a cure is out there and can be found, and continue to walk and wear the pink proud.

Many take for granted the good fortune of health, and with this blessing, we need to turn to those less fortunate and run, not walk, as fast as we can to find a cure.