Church Focus: Bringing biblical stories to life

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Jesus &045; Je

– Je – Je

– Jesus is – is – is – is my rock – rock – rock – rock. &8220;You&8217;d think we were doing a rap show,&8221; Millie Moore, leader of the puppet ministry at Riverchase Community Church said, as she paused practice.

Even a scratched CD

doesn&8217;t stop Riverchase youth from practicing their art. Several kids have the songs&8217; words committed to heart and sing over the skips of the music.

&8220;It&8217;s fun because

we all get to hang out and it can teach people about God,&8221; said 11 year-old Coryghan Hunter.

Moore said the program is as much for the young teens as it is for the five year-olds at the church.

&8220;You have to keep them excited, so we let them be as involved in choosing songs and creating the skits as possible,&8221; Moore said. &8220;The kids get to almost make characters with their puppets.&8221;

Gentry Bass, a 12-year-old puppeteer, said the ministry gives her a chance to use her imagination. &8220;We get to act like somebody else,&8221; Bass said.

Each youth has their own reason for jumping behind a curtain and under the disguise of a puppet. &8220;It&8217;s fun to hear the little kids&8217; reactions,&8221; said 13 year-old Rachel Rhinehart.

Moore said she was glad she and Michele Green, a former puppet mistry leader, started the program up again. &8220;We had one before but it fizzled out and then we just got the inspiration to start it back up again about a year ago,&8221; Moore said. &8220;It was funny because Michele, who is not even a member of our church, found out we were wanting to start one up and she has been coming to help me.&8221;

The puppet ministry performs on Wednesday nights and during church services on occasion.