Letters to the editor for February 21, 2007

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dear Editor,

In response to Bruce [author of online post in response to &8220;Calera okays park deal&8221;]. Let me start by saying that in response to your very bold statement that &8220;nobody in Calera wants this&8221; is by my account an inaccurate statement. I am a citizen inside the city limits and I, among the majority of people in the city that I have spoken with are in favor of the &8220;deal.&8221; I own property within 1000 feet of Chemical Lime. It is quite obvious that you care nothing about the children in our wonderful city. As for your accusations of bribery on the part of the mayor and council, you better be careful whom you accuse of something without having 100 percent proof of such wrongdoing. I assure no money has changed hands or any unethical goings-on have taken place. Just for your information Bruce, I would not vote for any council person or mayor that voted against the proposal. Voting against the proposal is in essence saying we don&8217;t care about our children or grandchildren. Now for the part that really infuriates me. First, let me say George Roy never wanted anything in this city to bear his name. You will need to speak with the company that built and named George Roy Parkway without his knowledge. Oh, and Bruce you forgot the George Roy Park. On that issue you should call the county commissioners&8217; office and ask them who named the park. I assure you again he had no proper knowledge as to the name of the new park. Lastly, Bruce, as a family member of fallen firefighter Christopher James Roy, I view your comments as personal attacks against myself as well as my entire family.

The attack you have made

against a man who lost his life saving the lives of others is not only disrespectful but in down right bad taste. I, as well as any member of my family, would gladly trade places with you and name the fire station in honor of your loved one. I would love to sit down with you and tell you how my family, especially Chris&8217; mother and father suffer every day over our loss. So, Bruce, please give me a call and we will go to the Christopher J. Roy Building and I will tell you

how everyday a piece of us dies for Chris. Call me and I will tell you how my 5-year-old little boy still has nightmares 15 months after the death of his cousin. Call me, I will be happy to share our grief.

Kim Ingram


Dear Editor,

I am challenging the higher ups of Shelby County and the city of Calera to do something about the trash problem. The roadways and ditches are disgusting. The roads I am referring to are Highway 31 and Highway 70. Trash everywhere, especially around the business area of Highway 31 and all along Highway 70. Drive near the new apartments and Waterford subdivision and it constantly looks like a garbage dump. I do realize that Highway 31 and Highway 70 are the roads taken to the Shelby County Landfill. But some strict guidelines need to be implemented. It is a disgrace. Start fining people and ticketing these trucks that are allowing trash to blow out along the roadsides. Put inmates to work on these roads more than once every month or so. Ticket everyone that is lettering. No exceptions. No slaps on the wrist.

And make the fines at least $500 and a weekend of picking up trash and maybe people will get the message.

Also, make it a priority to our judges and council people that this is a major problem. I urge the county and the local citizens to put this issue on their council agendas and come up with a better solution to this problem, because what is being done now is not working.

Donnie Green