Gray Power: Insurance costs may not be more for older workers

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Many employers with an eye on the bottom line are concerned about the higher insurance costs they may incur when hiring older workers. And in some cases, their fears are justified because insurance costs for older workers may be higher.

Reality: Insurance costs are not necessarily higher when retirees are employed.

Some studies do in fact show higher insurance costs for older adults; yet other studies have concluded that costs aren&8217;t necessarily higher.

Many employers actually feel that their insurance costs were higher for employees during their child-bearing years than for older adults.

There are strategies for those seeking employment. They include:

-Share information with prospective employers that will demonstrate your commitment to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Here are some strategies that may help you keep your job.

-Remain active and take proactive steps to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

This information came from the book, UnRetirement by Fyock and Dorton.

Dr. Marvin Copes, located in Maylene, is an education and community service volunteer for AARP Alabama. He can be reached at