Wilsonville zoning changes debated

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A plot of land off Hebb Road in Wilsonville may soon be rezoned for a new planned subdivision. If approved, the land would go from an E1 designation to an R1A zone.

Although this sounds like land development jargon, it has not passed over the heads of many local residents. &8220;This would be a smaller lot, residential area, and I think that is where we have seen the opposition coming from,&8221; said Scotty Morris, Wilsonville zoning administrator. &8220;I feel the board has to look at the current climate of the lots around it, which are mainly one acre lots, plus the studies done for water feasibility and access.&8221; Residents fear a change in zoning would take the 50-acre parcel and divide it into 70 lots, some as little as one-third of an acre in size.

The Wilsonville city engineer is currently studying to determine if the town&8217;s water supply can handle 70 new homes. The developer and Shelby County Commission are also looking at access roads.

Morris said the zoning commission would make a decision at its March 8 meeting, as to whether or not they will recommend the zone change to the city council for adoption.