Missions in small packages

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 7, 2007

There are several songs most kids grow up singing every word by heart;

&8220;Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world&8221; and of course, &8220;Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you.&8221;

The youth at Crosscreek Baptist Church in Pelham are collecting &8220;Pennies for Parties&8221; at the end of Sunday services throughout the month of May. The pennies or dollars will go to host birthday parties for foster children at the Alabama Baptist Children&8217;s Homes.

&8220;I tell them birthdays are not something in the Bible but that they are a way for us to show our love for these children, we don&8217;t even know,&8221; said Elizabeth Bottchen, children&8217;s minister. &8220;Jesus tells us to love everybody and we try to teach them that &8216;Love thy neighbor…&8217; means everyone in the world.&8221;

These days children&8217;s ministries are going beyond singing and picture books of the birth of Jesus. They are using the messages taught in their traditional classes but in creative new ways that educate even the youngest members about mission work.

Bottchen said even kids can contribute to the mission of spreading God&8217;s love.

&8220;The younger you start teaching them about mission work the earlier it will be ingrained into their way of thinking,&8221; Bottchen said. &8220;When they can understand the concept of sharing, they can understand ministry.&8221;

Children at Crosscreek began the program in 2001 and have raised a total of $2,000 since then to provide great birthdays for kids who wouldn&8217;t have a celebration otherwise.

The mission work of Crosscreek children&8217;s ministry doesn&8217;t stop there. The kids also prepare and serve food at the annual Christmas dinner. The money raised goes toward a shopping spree for less fortunate children in Shelby County. The kids even do the shopping themselves.

&8220;We are a small congregation but children play an important part in the life of the congregation.&8221; Bottchen said the kids even are often invited to read scripture and help with the call to worship.

Anyone can donate directly to the Alabama Baptist Children&8217;s Home & Family Ministries by writing to P. O. Box 361767, Birmingham, AL 35236-1767.

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