Developer withdraws zoning request

A developer withdrew his application Thursday to rezone a 55-acre lot off Hebb Road in Wilsonville.

The rezoning had faced much public opposition from local residents.

Jackie Davis of Surveying Solutions, Inc. said plans for the site are now unclear. &8220;We are just not sure at this point what will be done with the land,&8221; Davis said.

Originally the developer was seeking a rezoning of the property from an E1 to an R1A designation. This change would have allowed smaller lots to be sold and more houses to be built.

Many residents were glad to hear the petition had been withdrawn.

Jeff Blalock, a Wilsonville resident since 1943, said he moved to Homestead, a subdivision near the proposed neighborhood, five years ago and believes a large number of new homes couldn&8217;t be accommodated.

&8220;If they want to build houses on one acre or two acre lots I have no problem with it,&8221; Blalock said. &8220;But there would be a water problem [with smaller lots] and we don&8217;t have the sewage that would handle 60 homes on 30 acres.&8221;

The change in zoning would have actually allowed the 50-acre parcel of land to be developed into 70 lots.

Dianne Peters hasn&8217;t lived in Wilsonville her entire life, but she did build a house there in 1999. She said she would be happy to see more development with certain conditions.

&8220;We&8217;re going to have growth, and we&8217;re not opposed to growth so long as it&8217;s structured,&8221; Peters said. &8220;This just isn&8217;t what Wilsonville needs at this time on such a small portion of land.&8221;

Scotty Morris, Wilsonville zoning administrator, said the developer now has a six-month waiting period before they could resubmit the application for rezoning.

If the petition had not been withdrawn, it would have gone to the city council for a vote regardless of the decision made by the planning and zoning commission.