Community service becomes fun, class credit at Pelham High School

Some PHS students think they&8217;re simply fulfilling a school requirement when they complete community service projects, however sometime volunteering soon becomes a favorite pastime.

Helping little children at their churches, picking up trash along Highway 31 and coaching sports teams are a few of the Give Me 5 projects students choose. Other students, like freshman Kaitlyn Burnside, earn academic credit by cleaning animal shelters at the humane society and putting stickers on books for PHS teachers.

&8220;I&8217;ll always remember the way the animals acted when I showed them love, because it made me feel good that I could help them,&8221; Burnside said. &8220;It also makes me feel good to do something to make the teachers&8217; lives better and easier.&8221;

Sophomores Heather Wynn and Jana Taunton interacted with children in Vacation Bible School (VBS) at their church to earn Give Me 5 credit. Though the next VBS won&8217;t be until the summer, Wynn continues to provide child care so parents can keep steady employment.

Wynn and Taunton said working with children taught them to stay calm in stressful situations. Watching little kids come to know Jesus Christ was something that both students will remember for a long time, they said.

Sophomore Drew Oldham&8217;s Give Me 5 projects included cleaning a school in San Diego, Calif. and helping at a convention in Florida. He said one of his favorite parts of the projects was joining friends in prayer for the children at the San Diego school and families attending the Florida convention.

&8220;My Give Me 5 project in San Diego made me glad to be a student at Pelham High School,&8221; Drew said. &8220;I don&8217;t have to look out for broken beer bottles at PHS like I had to do in San Diego.&8221;