Gray Power: Despite myths, retirees make mentally sharp employees

Employers are afraid that older employees won&8217;t be as sharp mentally as their younger counterparts. They fear that the memories of older employees are fading and they won&8217;t be able to handle the mental challenges of the job.

Reality: Retirees are as mentally agile as their younger counterparts.

Most studies indicate that intellectual functioning remains intact until we are in our 70s and, for many individuals, beyond this age. Further, since older adults tend to be more deliberate in their activities, they usually perform their work with fewer mistakes. Though they may take longer to train, they usually retain information longer.

There are strategies for those seeking employment. They include:

– Use the interviewer&8217;s name in the interview.

– Make notes of details to remember.

– Provide examples of difficult challenges you have faced recently in your work.

– Demonstrate your ability to solve problems and to follow a logical sequence in decision making.

Here are some strategies that may help you keep your job.

– Make a continued commitment to staying current on the job.

– Develop a system to keep yourself organized at the office and at home.

– Present an image of being &8220;together.&8221;

This information came from the book, UnReti

Dr. Marvin Copes, located in Maylene, is an education and community service volunteer for AARP Alabama. He can be reached by e-mail at