The following couples applied for marriage licenses in Shelby County from March 2-8:

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 20, 2007

-Roger Alan Keene Jr., 32, of Helena and Kimberly Brown Crawford, 35, of Helena.

-Michael Anthony Sherbert Jr., 29, of Birmingham and Kathryn Ann Cook, 22, of Birmingham.

-William Loren Kappen, 36, of Alabaster and Barbara Tucker Newton, 43, of Sweetwater.

-David Lynn Jr., 53, of Harpersville and Martha Dawson Abbott, 24, of Harpersville.

-Michael Heath Thetford, 29, of Pelham and Iveta Namike, 36, of Pelham.

-Christopher Ryan Galloway, 32, of Harpersville and Sarah Jennifer Waldrop, 27, of Harpersville.

-James Wilton Martin, 56, of Pelham and Kathy Lynn Meins,51, of Helena.

-James Michael Mayhan, 40, of Alabaster and Amanda Stanley Ridlehoover, 30, of Alabaster.

-Jon Adrian Lemon, 36, of Birmingham and Elisabeth Lois Kissick, 34, of Birmingham.

-James Lee Stiles, 21, of Leeds and Amber Leigh Strickland, 18, of Harpersville.

-Arthur Joseph Bertramd, 28, of Alabaster and Sarah Elizabeth Hogan, 25, of Alabaster.

-Robert Craig Milton Jr., 25,

of Calera and Lorrie Beth Etheredge, 20, of Calera.

-Bobby La Van Connell, 27, of Shelby and Robin Lynn Taylor, 23, of Columbiana.

-Patrick Christopher Thompson, 21, of Alabaster and Jennifer Brooke Leslie, 21, of Alabaster.

-Max Dang Khoa Bui, 36, of Pelham and Kieu Thuy Mai, 28, of Pelham.

-Noah Matthew Galloway, 25, of Alabaster and Tracy Nicole Ennis, 26, of Alabaster.

-Jerald Jay Rodick, 41, of Calera and Paula Jeanna Rodick, 41, of Calera.

-Renzo Prentice, 44, of Montevallo and Cheryl Prentice, 40, of Montevallo.

-Jonathan Antonio Picca, 18, of Hoover and Nicole Janell Castanon, 18, of Hoover.

-Aaron Keith Gammon, 29, of Chelsea and Leslie Denise Martin, 28, of Chelsea.

-Johnathan William Moore, 26, of Maylene and Jessica Michelle Moore, 24, of Maylene.

-Robert Jeffrey Kelley, 44, of Wilsonville and Gemma Sasaki, 40, of Wilsonville.

-Jonathan Wayne Melton, 25, of Pelham and Molly Anna Trusik, 22, of Pelham.

-Raphael Pino Conte, 25, of Helena and Martha Marquez Patlan, 25, of Helena.