Turning trash into treasures


When you hear the term &8220;Junk Hauler&8221; the image that comes to mind is often something from &8216;Sanford and Sons&8217; involving a slobby man and a pickup truck.

However, being called a &8220;Junk-Woman&8221; is something Jennifer Nichols

says she is proud to hear.

In early March, Nichols went into business for herself. She opened a quirky little junk removal service, which is a franchise of the international company 1-800-GOT-JUNK?.

The business provides a full service recycling and removal option that will take away everything from old furniture to appliances and recycle or donate them within the community.

&8220;We actually came up across the concept a few months ago when a friend mentioned the business to me. Initially my thought was; I am a professional and well-respected woman, the last place I ever pictured myself finding success was in junk removal,&8221; says Nichols. &8220;But after some initial research, I learned that this business is much more than junk removal; it is about offering a premium and empathetic service to help people overcome their fear of letting go of stuff and helping customers to gain their space back.&8221;

The initial intrigue led Nichols to spend the next few months researching the business. She learned there are more than 100,000 small to medium sized junk removal businesses operating across the U.S.

After the initial investment in a shiny blue truck, Nichols hired General Manger Dan Ambrosius and a crew of drivers.

The team opened for business in March and has barely had a moment&8217;s

rest since.

&8220;As soon as our trucks hit the road, we started getting stopped on the street,&8221; said Jennifer.

&8220;People have actually pulled up beside us at stop lights and yelled out their car window, asking if we can come to their house and remove some junk.&8221;