County school system debates changing high school classes

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 21, 2007

As Shelby County Schools administrators look ahead to next year, several changes in curriculum are being considered.

Larry Headrick, high school instruction coordinator, said any adjustments would affect only freshmen entering the system in or after 2008.

Changes could include altering how many credits a course provides, reducing the number of honors course and waiving physical education requirements for select students.

&8220;There are over 1,800 students in the eighth grade. Each of our parents will get a copy of the course handbook, informing them of the changes, once it has been approved by the board,&8221; Headrick said.

The state has elected to go back to half credits for many courses that today provide students with a full credit.

Another change means that the fine arts requirement would no longer be satisfied by taking art appreciation or music appreciation. A new class called &8220;art survey&8221; will be offered instead, so students get a wider scope of the art world.

Sports medicine, anatomy and principals of technology will no longer complete one of the necessary science requirements. These classes will remain available as electives.

One of the final changes would be to alter and eliminate many honors courses that do not lead up to an AP class.

The system is also looking at helping students involved in band and ROTC complete physical education requirements. Under the proposed plan, band students would have to complete two years of band to get the credit because they only march for one semester out of the year.

Headrick said he hopes the modifications will add more variety for students as teachers are removed from unnecessary courses.