New houses, stores come to Pelham

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pelham City Council members voted unanimously Monday night to allow SAC development company to create commercial and residential improvement districts off of

Shelby 52, behind what is currently Huntley Apartments.

An improvement district allows developers to invest money into infrastructure for developments, with the help of the municipality that will benefit from the revenue to come from those districts.

&8220;They will get 50 percent of sales tax, once facilities start producing sales tax, up to $4 million or 10 years, whichever comes first,&8221; Hayes said. &8220;The more stores they got, the more sales they get, the quicker they will get their money.&8221;

Following 11 years after the agreement, which includes one year of construction, the city of Pelham will regain sales tax from the retail stores in the district. The commercial development will sit on 54 acres of land and will include shops such as a drug store, fast food restaurant and grocery store.

The residential improvement district was originally proposed several years ago and then included Huntley Apartments. Full plans for project have not yet been released but developers expect to put an additional 100 units on about 21 acres of land, including garden homes and possibly town homes.

Construction should begin in June and be completed in Spring 2008.

Formal plans for the project are expected in the coming month.