Court amnesty offered

The Columbiana Municipal Court plans to hold two amnesty days next month for traffic violators with outstanding tickets.

Anyone who has been given a traffic citation and failed to appear for their original court date can show up Thursday, April 5 or Friday, April 6 at Columbiana City Hall, to clear their record.

When someone fails to make their court date a warrant is issued for their arrest. This usually causes additional fines and or penalties to occur, but the city is offering to waive those punishments on these two days only.

The city decided to hold the days so defendants and the court system can clear up outstanding files.

To clear your record you must have been cited for a traffic offense, such as speeding or failing to stop at a red light, within the city limits of Columbiana.

You also must be prepared to pay the original charge for your ticket on the day you appear in court.

Officials say they will not allow anyone to pay a partial payment or set up payments. All of the fine must be paid in full.

For more information, contact Court Clerk Joanna Seale at 669-5806 or visit the city of Columbiana&8217;s website at