Letter to the Editor for March 28, 2007

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dear Editor,

Alabama is the laughing stock of the nation once again! What is our legislature ranked? 50th? Mr. Mike Hill should join Mr. J. Robinson of Jefferson County.

They should step down and see who would want his job. I&8217;m sure there are a lot of people who will step up to the plate. Who would not want a part-time job that pays $49,000 for three months worth of work? There are a lot of women out there working 40-plus hours a week. They bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan and still take care of other business.

Don&8217;t give us that line, &8220;No one wants to do the job because of the pay,&8221; Mr. Robinson. We wish a happy job-hunting to you and Mr. Mike Hill of Shelby County. I hope the voters of this state will print out the list of how their representatives voted and remember this the next time they have the power to vote.

These people do not represent the people of the state of Alabama. I spoke to each representative and Mr. Mike Hill is the only one in our county that voted against the people&8217;s wishes. He voted for his wallet. Hats off to Mary Sue McClurkin, Cam Ward, Henry Erwin, Steve French and J.T. Waggoner for listening to the people of Shelby County and voting with the people in mind.

Dawn Thornton

Indian Springs

Dear Editor,

I would like to take a moment to thank all the parents that helped make this year&8217;s opening day for Columbiana girls&8217; softball such a great event. It began with a field dedication to Mrs. Helen Lewis, with the Mayor declaring the day Helen Lewis Day. Then there was a balloon release by the teams, with almost every child represented. The entire day was full of ballgames, hayrides, face painting, snow cones and lots of fun! The smiles on the little girls faces made it all worthwhile.

I&8217;m sure many of you have noticed how the facilities have been improved. The cleanliness and new paint isn&8217;t all, though. The current board of directors and parents have been working hard on the inside of the concession stands, bathrooms and much more. We are making great efforts to maintain a positive environment for all the girls. We want to keep our children involved in positive activities. The girls learn so much more than softball here. They learn respect, teamwork, motivation, responsibility and the list goes on.

I can&8217;t possibly thank each person who has given their time&8212; so many have done so much! But you know who you are, so thank-you. We need to remember it&8217;s all about the girls and the future of the Columbiana girls softball program.

Lisa S. Davis