Residents safeguard creek: Indian Springs councilwoman examines concerns

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Indian Springs councilwoman Brenda Bell-Guercio is heading up a group of citizens to combat potential problems along Bishop&8217;s Creek.

&8220;We want to form a citizen&8217;s committee to evaluate the creek since it runs through a large portion of our town,&8221; Bell-Guercio said. &8220;This group will take inventory of any potential problems and if there are any they will work to find solutions to them.&8221;

Mayor Steve Zerkis said in the recent Village Voice newsletter that because the valley is in a flood plain, anything that interferes with the flow of water could affect the residents living on the creek or nearby.

&8220;ISV and the residents living along Bishop&8217;s Creek are sensitive about its condition.

We look at anything that may possibly impede the flow of water through the creek.

Blockages may cause flooding in significant parts of this valley,&8221; Zerkis said.

Four to five volunteers have already signed up to walk the length of the creek within Indian Springs and to assess any issues. If problems are found the town will then contact the Army Corps of Engineers and the Alabama Department of Education to ensure that the proper steps are taken.

&8220;We have to take into consideration every step,&8221; Bell-Guercio said. &8220;What happens when you move a fallen tree? We have to know how that affects the creek in either direction.&8221;