Thompson and Oak Mountain win county championships

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thompson High School sprinted and tossed their way to a boys&8217; championship at the Shelby County track and field championships last Tuesday, as the Oak Mountain girls continued their dominance for the spring.

First-year head coach Michael Montgomery picked up his first victory for Thompson, beating Oak Mountain by 24 points, 242-218. The Warriors picked up a clean sweep in the 100 and 200-meter dashes and eight other first place finishes.

&8220;Shelby County teams as a whole have a lot of experience and talent, and I wasn&8217;t expecting to sweep the 100 and 200 because of that. Going one, two, three in both of them was a big surprise,&8221; Montgomery said.

David Lucas took first place in the 100 and third in the 200, while Siddeeq Cooper took first in the 200 and third in the 100 for Thompson. Kevin Watkins (100) and Darrvick Lucas (200) took second place in the events.

Oak Mountain posed an early threat by sweeping the half-mile, mile and two-mile events, however Tyler Tucker (first in the 110-meter and 300-meter hurdles) and the relay teams, helped even the play ing field with first place finishes.

&8220;Oak Mountain has an older program and we knew we were going to be in a dog fight,&8221; Montgomery said. &8220;There was a time when Oak Mountain, because of their experience in the distance events, could have pulled away, but the kids knew the importance of running their best and they really did.&8221;

The Warriors also made a difference in the field events, where they captured four first place finishes and

placed eight times. Watkins picked up wins in the long jump with a distance of 20&8217;8&8221;

feet and in the triple jump with 42&8217;8&8221;.

Oak Mountain earned two field event wins with Zac Epperson in the pole vault and Tyler Morehead in the high jump, who set a new school record at 6&8217;3&8221; feet.

&8220;I&8217;ve been wanting to do that ever since I heard about it,&8221; said Morehead, who first started jumping at the start of indoor season.

&8220;One day he came up to us and said, &8216;I think I can jump.&8217; He wasn&8217;t great the first day, but we definitely saw that there was some potential there,&8221; Eagles head coach Marty Springfield said.

Morehead, who says he leapt only slightly above 5&8217; in the first attempt at practice, had a previous personal record of 5&8217;10&8221;

entering the event. The school record was 6&8217;.

The Oak Mountain girls won 14 of the 18 championship events on their way to a fourth-straight first place team finish to open the season.

Lindy Gfeller, Marissa Brokaw, Mary Grace Decastra and Sarah Bond each collected two individual wins, as Bond and Gfeller also placed one other time in individual events.

Another Eagle who contributed in the win was Sarah Richardson, who took first in the long jump, beating Thompson&8217;s Christina Shelton by four inches. She also placed second in the high jump and triple jump and third in the javelin throw.

Both teams had the weekend off and will compete in the Oak Mountain Invitational meet on Friday at Heardmont Park.

Shelby County track championships results:

Boys Team scoring: Thompson, 242; Oak Mountain, 218; Pelham, 112; Calera, 38;

Shelby County, 34; Vincent, 19; Montevallo, 15.

Individual winners 100-meter dash: 1-David Lucas, Thompson, 11.31; 2-Kevin

Watkins, Thompson, 11.47; 3-Siddeq Cooper, Thompson, 11.49. 200-meter dash:

1-Siddeq Cooper, Thompson, 23.63; 2-Darrvick Lucas, Thompson, 24.02; 3-David

Lucas, Thompson, 27.73. 400-meter dash: 1-Chris Johnson, Thompson, 52.37;

2-Smith Wilbanks, Oak Mountain, 52.82; 3-Darrvick Lucas, Thompson, 53.66.

800-meter run: 1-James Adair, Oak Mountain, 2:03.91; 2-Smith Wilbanks, Oak

Mountain, 2:05.00; 3-Will Baxter, Oak Mountain, 2:06.69. 1,600-meter run:

1-Kasey Hayes, Oak Mountain, 4:35.49, 2-Ross Laporte, Oak Mountain, 4:55.44;

3-Shane Brogdan, Oak Mountain, 5:03.84. 3,200-meter run: 1-James Adair, Oak

Mountain, 10:24.68; 2-Shane Brogdan, Oak Mountain, 10:34.98; 3-Logan Smith,

Oak Mountain, 11:06.14. 110-meter hurdles: 1-Tyler Tucker, Thompson, 15.86;

2-Shawn Lynch, Pelham, 17.64; 3-Logan Tuck, Pelham, 18.14. 300-meter

hurdles: 1-Tyler Tucker, Thompson, 43.80; 2-Derek Luquire, Oak Mountain,

45.80; 3-Jesse Wallace, Shelby County, 45.95. 4×100-meter relay: 1-Thompson,

43.82, 2-Oak Mountain, 47.85; 3-Calera 48.95. 4×400-meter relay: 1-Thompson,

3:34.82, 2-Oak Mountain, 3:35.17; 3-Calera 4:12.56. 4×800-meter relay: 1-Oak

Mountain, 8:58.65; 2-Thompson, 9:13.70; 3-Pelham, 9:27.03. High jump:

1-Tyler Morehead, Oak Mountain, 6-03; 2-Nick Price, Pelham, 5-08; 3-Zach

Shaw, Pelham, 5-06. Long jump: 1-Kevin Watkins, Thompson, 20-08; 2-Brandon

Abrams, Thompson, 20-00; 3-Aaron Lee, Shelby County, 19-05. Triple jump:

1-Kevin Watkins, Thompson, 42-08.50; 2-Nick Price, Pelham, 41-06; 3-Shawn

Lynch, Pelham, 40-09. Pole vault: 1-Zac Epperson, Oak Mountain 14-00; 2-J.D.

Decastra, Oak Mountain 11-00; 3-David Stanley, Oak Mountain, 11-00. Shot

put: 1-Paul Bennett, Thompson, 42-09; 2-Eric Arrowood, Vincent, 42-00.50;

3-Tyler Stanley, Thompson, 41-07. Discus: 1-Paul Bennett, Thompson, 115-06;

2-Tyler Stanley, Thompson, 114-11.50; 3-Tremaine Smith, Montevallo,

112-03.50. Javelin: 1-Logan Tuck, Pelham, 152-02; 2-David Perot, Thompson,

143-03.25; 3-Kelvin Rankin, Montevallo, 135-02.

Girls Team scoring: Oak Mountain, 292; Thompson, 127; Pelham, 120; Vincent,

47; Calera, 27; Shelby County, 21; Montevallo, 2.

Individual winners: 100-meter dash: 1-Lindy Gfeller, Oak Mountain, 13.21;

2-Zoriah Williams, Thompson, 13.25; 3-Brittany Woodson, Thompson, 14.31.

200-meter dash: 1-Zoriah Williams, Thompson, 26.94; 2-Lindy Gfeller, Oak

Mountain, 27.56; 3-Lauren D’Alessio, Pelham, 27.73. 400-meter dash: 1-Lindy

Gfeller, Oak Mountain, 1:00.09; 2-Lauren D’Alessio, Pelham, 1:00.10; 3-Sarah

Bond, Oak Mountain, 1:02.58. 800-meter run: 1-Marissa Brokaw, Oak Mountian,

2:22.01; 2-Lauren D’Alessio, Pelham, 2:34.79; 3-Dena O’Brien, Pelham,

2:36.77. 1,600-meter run: 1-Marissa Brokaw, Oak Mountain, 5:32.91; 2-Dena

O’Brien, Pelham, 5:47.86; 3-Christi Gaskill, Oak Mountain, 5:58.86.

3,200-meter run: 1-Dena O’Brien, Pelham, 12:38.39; 2-Christi Gaskill, Oak

Mountain, 12:43.02; 3-Mallory Boulware, Oak Mountian, 13:24.50. 110-meter

hurdles: 1-Sarah Bond, Oak Mountain, 16.31; 2-Melissa Gilbert, Oak Mountain,

18.29; 3-Laura Aristazabial, Oak Mountain, 18.65. 300-meter hurdles: 1-Sarah

Bond, Oak Mountain, 46.65; 2-Melissa Gilbert, Oak Mountain, 50.28; 3-Anne

Enoch, Shelby County, 56.87. 4×100-meter relay: 1-Oak Mountain, 52.19;

2-Thompson, 52.99; 3-Vincent 57.16. 4×400-meter relay: 1-Oak Mountain,

4:15.16; 2-Thompson, 4:37.10; 3-Vincent, 6:51.83. 4×800-meter relay: 1-Oak

Mountain, 10:21.34, 2-Pelham, 11:06.12. High jump: 1-Sarah Sharman, Pelham,

5-02; 2-Sarah Richardson, Oak Mountain, 5-00; 3-Zoriah Williams, Thompon,

4-06. Long jump: 1-Sarah Richardson, Oak Mountain, 15-06; 2-Christina

Shelton, 15-02; 3-Mary Grace Decastra, Oak Mountain 14-11. Triple jump:

1-Mary Grace Decastra, Oak Mountain, 33-10.75; 2-Sarah Richardson, Oak

Mountain, 32-07.25. 3-Christina Shelton, Thompson, 32-02. Pole vault: 1-Mary

Grace Decastra, Oak Mountain, 8-00.75; 2-Nataley Marquass, Oak Mountain

7-00; 3-Abbey Anderson, Oak Mountain, 6-06. Shot put: 1-Keyunna Davis,

Calera, 30-06; 2-Danielle Bailey, Oak Mountain, 30-04; 3-Nicole Kelley, Oak

Mountain, 28-01.50. Discus: 1-Danielle Bailey, Oak Mountain, 96-05;

2-Danielle Turek, Thompson, 83-05; 3. Latoya Traylor, Vincent, 74-05.

Javelin: 1-Nicole Kelley, Oak Mountain, 105-10.75; 2-Ashley McDaniels,

Shelby County, 90-07; 3-Sarah Richardson, Oak Mountain, 80-00.50