Columbiana police chief resigns

City leaders are looking to fill at least two vacancies in the Columbiana Police department following the resignation of Chief Johnny Brown and the retirement of Lt. Shawn King.

Mayor Allan Lowe last week accepted Brown&8217;s resignation, which came on the heels of two separate investigations of Brown by the city and the Shelby County Sheriff&8217;s Office.

In his resignation letter, Brown, who was named police chief in November of 2004, said he considered serving Columbiana a &8220;joy and huge honor.&8221;

&8220;With such supportive family and friends and with my feet planted firmly at the cross, I expect great things for myself in the future,&8221; Brown wrote.

While the city&8217;s investigation of Brown was dropped following his resignation, the Sheriff&8217;s Office probe to determine any possible &8220;chargeable offenses&8221; is still pending. Lowe said.

On the same day as Brown&8217;s resignation, Lowe said he was notified of Lt. King&8217;s retirement from law enforcement.

The departure of King, who handled the chief&8217;s duties while Brown remained on leave, was not related to the investigations, Lowe said.

The Columbiana Police force, which has featured as many as nine full-time officers within the last month, is now down to a staff of six following the exit of Brown and King.

The city was expected, at the mayor&8217;s request, to appoint Sgt. Lamar Vick as acting police chief at Tuesday&8217;s city council meeting.

Despite earlier statements that he intended to fill the position of chief by mid-April, Lowe said he now feels &8220;no reason to rush&8221; and will seek feedback from the council while reviewing candidates for the post