Changes to Pelham High dress code merely rumor

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pelham High School Principal Bob Lavett said he has recently received numerous calls and e-mails about new dress code rules the school is not even considering.

&8220;Pelham High School sticks to the approved code of conduct handed down by the Shelby County Board of Education,&8221; Lavett said. &8220;One of our assistant principals met with teachers about what might be problems at our school. Next thing you know a parent calls you upset because they don&8217;t want to go to uniforms.&8221;

According to an agenda for the county school board&8217;s April 10 meeting, only two changes were approved for the system&8217;s code of conduct, which includes the dress code policy.

One item was edited to read that students are required to wear appropriate shoes at all times. Lavett said eliminating flip-flops is something the school is considering for safety concerns.

He said some teachers had expressed concern because students are constantly walking up and down stairs in the building and often slip when flip-flops are worn.

Cindy Warner, public relations specialist with the BOE, said principals are allowed some discretion.

&8220;We ask principals to interpret the code the best they can,&8221; Warner said. &8220;Students are basically expected to not wear things that would be distracting to other students or a safety hazard.&8221;

The only other proposed change to the code involved pants, shorts and skirts that are too long or too large and skirts, shorts and dresses that are above mid-thigh or have slits above that length. Lavett said no other changes would be made at his school before June 15.