Pelham buys new software

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Pelham municipal courts may soon be able to eliminate some paperwork. The Pelham City Council Monday night approved a bid from Syscon Inc. for a new court software and hardware system.

Dinah Scott, court administrator said the Syscon program would eliminate a lot of duplicated work between the police department and court system.

&8220;Once we get the online payments set up for the public and have this system in place, it will make things much quicker for everyone,&8221; Scott said. &8220;It will mean a lot less filing work for both the police department and for us because it will integrate the two systems.&8221;

Currently, municipal court workers must enter, for example, traffic citations even though that is part of the police department&8217;s daily work. With the two systems connected this will allow those entries to only be made once.

It has been five years since the court&8217;s computer software has been updated. The system will cost the city $133,412 for initial implementation and then $2,100 a month for support.