Letters to the editor for May 9, 2007:

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Dear Editor,

There are lies and untruths, and then there are grand lies that snooker entire communities &8212; all with straight faces.

Shelby County apparently swallowed them all with the May 1 story &8220;Local Children, Western Rodeos.&8221;

For those of us who know, cruelty and hype must surround rodeos or no one would show up for the money making.

Rodeo cowboys are wannabes who have to convince the gullible that animals are enjoying electric prods, spurs, flank straps and neck snapping of baby calves.

Dusty Bottoms takes the definition of abuse a step further by abusing animals with minors. No consenting adults or animals were involved in flipping animals by hind legs, body slamming, or dragging through the dust.

It appears there is no shame here, no moral compass to steer these barbarians.

Welcome to winning a buckle all right &8212; the buckle of first place for being one of the most insensitive, ignorant places in the United States.

Mike Finch

Dear Editor,

I just read the article &8220;Local children get taste of western rodeos&8221; and am disturbed by the descriptions of animal abuse in it and the endangerment of the children fighting with animals who are terrified and in pain.

Please consider the suffering of the animals in such events, as well as the fact that young children are being taught to have no respect for animals.

Also, please run a story explaining what the animals in rodeos experience and endure, so that your readers are aware of what they are participating in.

Andrew Zollman

Dear Editor,

I would like to commend the McDonald&8217;s in Montevallo for replacing its tall sign on Main Street with a ground-level sign that complies with the new ordinances. It alone among the franchise businesses on Main Street is changing its signage to create the &8220;look-and-feel&8221; that we want in a picturesque small town such as ours.

It is truly a good and responsible corporate citizen, and I hope they serve as a model to all businesses.

Michael Patto