From the pulpit: Learning to trust a Fathers guidance

My Dad used to take me out on Sunday afternoons for what he called &8220;loafing.&8221;

This may be a strange concept to some but it was a wonderful time of fellowship.

It would begin with us climbing in the truck and heading out of the driveway onto the road.

That was as much of the plan as I knew, from there fate was in control.

We would drive until we found an interesting road and then take it.

I can&8217;t recall how many times we ended up in places, me not knowing how we got there, but Dad having an idea of the direction all the time.

It was a time of joy, fulfillment and fellowship.

As I have gotten older I

have found many parallels between my time spent with my Dad and my time spent with my Father in Heaven.

My life consists of &8220;loafing&8221; with God.

Many would say that is too casual of a description, but in an endearing way I believe it describes things perfectly.

I love spending time with God, and His will for my life is &8220;the truck.&8221;

He controls the direction, and I am called to be obedient to follow the Father.

We see this same concept in the Old Testament when Moses reminds the Children of Israel of God&8217;s faithfulness.

It was time to begin their inhabitance of a land promised by God.

This would mean going places they had never been and facing struggles they could not withstand alone. Sensing their reluctance, Moses speaks the reassuring words found in Deuteronomy 1:31.

He states, referring to God&8217;s deliverance in prior battles:

&8220;There you saw how the LORD your God carried you, as a father carries his son, all the way you went until you reached this place.&8221;

It was a reminder that God was in control and that they were loved!

We see from a Heavenly perspective, a Father that loves His children and promises He is in control.

Life is an adventure to which God opens the truck door, so to speak, and asks us to come along.

I rest in the assurance that although He turns down roads I may not recognize, He knows where it leads, and that is all that matters.

We have come a long way together, and still continue the adventure of love between a Father and His child.

I have learned to climb in the &8220;truck&8221; and enjoy His guidance, coming out joyous, fulfilled and closer to Him. There is room for more … you coming?

Brother Bo is the pastor at Community Baptist Church in Maylene.