Holding onto identity important in union

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 20, 2007

One of the most important struggles for a new bride, or anyone getting married, is how to keep a sense of self and personal identity when entering into a union. I am getting married in less than two months. I couldn&8217;t be happier to be committing the rest of my life to my best friend.

The other day though, it hit me. On Aug. 11, 2007, I will no longer carry the name Samantha Hall. My last name will change. I will become a Hurst and, while I feel blessed to enter my fiance&8217;s family it seems strange to consider leaving behind a piece of my identity.

I am a Hall.

I have been a Hall for the last 24.5 years of my life.

I thought I might have to convince my dad that he wasn&8217;t losing a daughter, but I also have to convince myself that I am not losing me.

I am becoming a better version of me. An even stronger, more committed and loving version of me &8212; and I have my fianc/ to thank for that. He allows me to keep hold of my identity. In fact, he encourages me to be a strong, unique woman with my ow ideas and pleasures.

Every year I will continue to go on vacation with just my dad and sister. I will insist on making plans, not just going with the flow.

I will watch reality T.V. I will not bicker when playing X-Box is more appealing to him than shopping (I&8217;ll try not to). I will go to Milo&8217;s to get his favorite meal &8212; and I will drop in McAlister&8217;s for broccoli cheese soup.

We will enjoy the things we do share and savor the things that only we, as individuals, can appreciate.