Pelham rezoning meets little fuss

PELHAM &8212; Few questions or concerns were brought up at the city&8217;s public hearing on new zoning regulations June 14.

According to Revenue Director Mike Morgan,

the city only received two written comments. One resident&8217;s comment said the new regulations were long overdue and that it was too bad there would have to be a grandfather clause.

Vanessa McGrath, a resident of Pelham for the last five years, was present at the meeting. She

voiced concern over how the city notifies residents of changes to zoning of property.

&8220;The property I bought … when I bought it, I came to this building to see what the zoning around me was … then last year I got a notice in the mail that there was going to be a subdivision behind my house,&8221; McGrath said.

McGrath said she was never notified. The city of Pelham currently posts a sign on the property that is to be rezoned, as well as advertising in local papers. But McGrath said she never traveled the road where the sign was apparently located and never saw the advertisement.

&8220;I was like how is that possible,&8221; McGrath said. &8220;How can you rezone a property that is located right behind me without me knowing?&8221;


addressed her concern by explaining the city&8217;s current process and said they are looking into the need for changes to that policy when they complete the new zoning regulations.

Now that the new zoning regulations have been approved by the planning and zoning commission they will go before the city council for approval. Anyone interested in reviewing the ordinance can visit