Letters to the editor for June 27, 2007:

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dear Editor,

Gov. Bob Riley wants to increase the amount of liability insurance required of drivers.

I have one main comment about this. Why don&8217;t they enforce the &8220;mandatory&8221; liability insurance on drivers who do not have it instead of increasing the cost for the rest of us who do already have liability insurance?

I know of many, many people who don&8217;t have this insurance because it costs too much. I agree it costs too much, but I pay for it anyway to protect myself and others.

Also, I know of instances where local police let a person leave the scene of an accident who did not have liability insurance and told the person who was hit that they were sorry.

They don&8217;t ask you at the tag renewal office if you have liability insurance, so how do they know if you do or not? I believe in other states if you do not have insurance then you cannot renew your tag.

Also, there should be a system developed that informs the license office or flags your tag number immediately when you let your insurance lapse so that your license or tag can be revoked until you get insurance. If this would happen, more people would follow the law.

Also, there needs to be a system put in place to require illegal and legal immigrants to keep insurance or not be able to drive. If they are stopped by the police for any reason and do not have proof of insurance, they should be put in jail immediately and made to pay a fine.

If you start making all drivers pay fines, they will comply with the law more quickly.

If the law-abiding citizens are keeping insurance, why are we the ones being punished? Why are we paying the price?

I don&8217;t have the money to pay more insurance because of the costs incurred by insurance companies due to &8220;non-covered&8221; accidents.

I am paying already just as the law requires!

Donna Thompson