Bridge Corner: Getting schooled in bridge play and grilling

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Wow, what a week!

I started a 10-week Bridge 201 course that meets at 9:30 a.m. Tuesdays at Riverchase Presbyterian. Eight tables of party and duplicate players were there looking for some pointers on Standard American Bridge.

Go to our Web page and click on Bridge 201: or call 451-5997 for details.

Winners this week:

Winners this week:

Monday: In a very close match, Pelham residents Kitty Griswold and Carolyn Dvbvig finished first, followed by Charlotte Estill and Judy Funk. Third were Linda Block and Susy Philhours, followed by Barbara Wall and Jeanne Wamack. All four teams were within three points of each other.

TuesdayWe had eight tables for our Bridge 201 class and another six tables for the learning game that followed. After our 90-minute lesson (using prepared hands) we had a short lunch/snack break followed by an 18-board game for masterpoints. Winning the game was Martha Brand and Ruth Allen, followed by Jeanne Wamack and Shirley Wood. In third were Peggy Olson and Arlene Owens, followed by Hazel Haas and Adelaide St Raymond.


With all eight teams bunched together, the winning team of Jo Weatherly and Charlotte Lusco barely beat out Helena natives Lyn Hartwell and Betty Branch, who tied for second/third with Barbara Wall and Jeanne Wamack.


We replace cards on a regular basis at both of our locations Christ the King Lutheran and Riverchase Presbyterian.

When you replace cards, the shuffling can lead to some wild hands.

We had a 9-card heart suit and an 8-card spade suit that evening.

Our game ended in a tie between Maylene resident Aileen Hill and her partner John Griffith and Marriott 280 chef Michael Lewis and his Alabaster partner George Varghese.

Upcoming events:

Our 4th of July doubleheader starts at 9:30 a.m. at Riverchase Presbyterian. In-between games I&8217;ll be cooking Ball Park franks.

I&8217;ll try not to burn the church down like I almost did Memorial Day. It turns out when you put 14 Bubba Burgers on a grill, there comes a moment when the grill takes on a life of its own.

Bridge Tip of the Week:

If you have a hand like KJ97 987 AQ54 K3 and your opponents are playing 3NT, how many points does your partner have?

Opener has 16, responder has 10, you have 13. Partner has zip, zero, nada. Don&8217;t lead fourth-from-longest. Lead something benign like the 9 of hearts. Let declarer come to you.

Don&8217;t give him a freebie