Bridge Corner: Advancing across Bridge

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We had nine tables on Tuesday for the second of our 10 lessons on Advanced Topics of Bridge Basics; this week on No Trump.

On the 17th we have a lesson on Strong 2C opener and Weak 2 bids followed by an 18-board game of friendly duplicate.

Saturday: Linda and Len Block had a huge

67.92 percent game to take first on the NS side followed by Judie Fair and Barbara Dawson; Jo Weatherly and Charlotte Lusco.

On the EW side our Indian Springs teachers John Lusco and Mac Lacasse finished first, followed by Lila and Bernie Barton, Suzanne Norris and Gary Kennard.


Finishing first were Barbara Wall and Linda Block, followed closely by Hazel Haas and Barbara Dawson, Carolyn Giles and Ruth Allen, Jerrie Friar and Liz Milko.


After our two-hour workshop, Ruth Allen and Martha Brand narrowly beat out the teams of Geri Dodson and Macie Colley, and Kathryn Howell and Rick Atkerson.


The one thing about bridge players is that they like to eat.

Between games I cooked Ball Park franks while everyone dove into resident chef Michael Lewis&8217; stuffed jumbo shells and a pan of sausages cooked in Michael&8217;s own secret sauce.

Winners were Lila and Bernie Barton, Linda and Len Bock, Sabrina and Michael Lewis, Judy Hasseld and Jerrie Friar, Pam and Howard Furnas.

Thursday: In our very relaxed Thursday evening game the team of Sara Jo Roberts and Margaret Pullen just beat out Laurie Jones and John Griffith for first place.

Friday: While the Blocks continued their recent string of successes, Janet Johnson and Judy Hasseld finished second, followed by Gene and Peggy Graham.

On the EW side Frances Hensley and Bernie Liberman were first followed by Pete Partin and Jim Rabb; third were Joann Fulghum and Eddie McDanal.

Tip of the week:

When using weak 2 opening bids (5-11 points, 6-card suit) you should have two of the top 3 honors.

When partner bids 2NT, he has an invitational level hand (16-18 points) and is asking for your outside feature.

Repeat your opening suit at the 3 level if you don&8217;t have an outside feature (ace or king) or bid the suit of your feature if you do.

Hand of the week:

Lead: 8 of spades. South rebids her diamonds to show a strong six-card suit. North cuebids control in hearts and South cuebids 4C to show control in that suit. Now North knows partner has a running side suit and re-affirms this with a 5C bid. South reassures partner with the cuebid in spades, and North places the team in slam. Notice that if South barges directly to 4NT, no information is shared between the team other than the number of aces. Cuebidding to slam allows the process to be more descriptive&8212;like North&8217;s 5C bid indicating a solid suit, which is very reassuring to South who now feels emboldened to go for grand slam. South is thrilled to see three more diamonds when the dummy comes down. An adventurous South could also place the final contract in 7NT which would give the team 1520 points, but diamonds seems like the best home.