New site offers enhanced news product

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 20, 2007

Our Web site is, in many ways, simply a method for communicating news and information to our community. A dramatic redesign of this paper&8217;s site launched today with the easier and more compelling for site visitors; we hope you feel we have accomplished just that.

Some highlights include:

– EASIER NAVIGATION. Through News, Share and Shop portals you can quickly find what you are looking for whether it be yesterday&8217;s football game summary, where to find the best price on a used pick-up or a fun and nutritious recipe to try for dinner; these portals get you there quickly.

-CITY PAGES. We created pages for each city and town to make finding news and information specific to your area a snap.

-PHOTO GALLERIES. Through the lens of our award-winning photojournalists, the new photo galleries on the site tell rich stories in ways words never could.

-MULTIMEDIA. All storytelling methods available to today&8217;s journalist are integral elements of the new site; video, podcasting, soundslides and more all move front and center.

-SHARING. Sharing photos, announcements and opinions with neighbors has never been easier.

The greatest change of the redesigned site is that it is now a daily news product. Content will update each day with major news updates told through all the dynamic multimedia formats previously mentioned along with, of course, the written word.

Not since former editor, publisher and owner Luther J. Fowler decided in 1923 to move this newspaper by ferry to Shelby County has there been such a monumental shift in our approach to serving this community occurred.

Some things have not changed. Our commitment to produce the highest quality journalism remains strong as ever, as does our commitment to serve our communities and readers. We hope you see the improved site as indicators of that commitment.

You now have an array of options for consuming information, from newspapers to podcasts to high-speed Internet over cell phones. The digital future is now, and it&8217;s exciting. Like Mr. Fowler, the newspaper&8217;s leadership embraces change and looks forward to serving you, the reader, and our county in yet to be discovered ways in the decades to come.

We hope you enjoy the new site and send thoughts to