Letters to the editor for July 25, 2007:

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dear Editor,

This past week my wife had blood poisoning in her leg due to a bite from a spider or ant sting. I took her to the doctor who treated her with a shot and prescribed Keflex 500 mg for 10 days. I began by going to my neighborhood pharmacy in Montevallo. Montevallo Drug was giving her a red pill they were using for Keflex. I had this so-called red pill last year they used for Keflex, and it was like drinking a glass of water; it did no good. I rejected their pill and went to CVS in Montevallo to try to obtain the original dark green and light green pill. With no avail they also had this red pill they were palming off for Keflex. I went to Smitherman&8217;s drug in Montevallo before I got the right medication. Some of the drug stores are getting their medications from China because they make a larger profit margin. These medications are inferior. Please be aware of the medication you are being prescribed and do not accept this foreign junk pill. It has not the right ingredients. I went to the internet when my Keflex (red) pill did not work last year and this pill is made in India. Please be aware!

Edward Braun


Dear Editor,

Again the city of Alabaster has shown disdain about the welfare of its people. The town council just voted down a proposal to ban smoking in public places.

Apparently, it feels that people from Hoover and other places, where smoking in restaurants has been outlawed, will come to Alabaster to eat. The right of a few to do harm is more important than the right of others to be healthy? Earlier, it had a water shortage due to the malfunction of one of its wells. The city had been expanding at a ridiculous pace, without diligently planning for what would happen if its water supply was to give out. Its philosophy was, I suppose, let tomorrow take care of tomorrow.

Now, it is thinking of putting its police station on U.S. Highway 119. But it should be obvious that a police station needs to be on a major highway&8212;for quick runs to the new malls, the eateries, the hospital, the interstate, etc.

Roy Lechtreck


Dear Editor,

While I am in complete agreement with the pro-life movement regarding the sanctity of human life from the womb to the tomb, I disagree with their history of supporting certain legislation passed by the Bush administration.

In particular, they have voiced approval of the 2003 passage of the so-called &8220;Partial Birth Abortion Ban&8221; bill. They say it is a good thing, and I totally disagree with them.

The bill itself is good, but the bill&8217;s Durbin amendment, which passed in committee, makes the bill worthless in stopping abortion. It actually makes it easier for abortion providers to use the procedure because it seals public records of all abortions done with the procedure.

When the pro-lifers such as Flip Brennan and Operation Rescue begin to tell the whole ugly truth about what Congress has done instead of acting like what they have done is a step forward in the fight to protect life from the womb to the tomb, then we will take a real step forward in saving lives of the unborn.

Robbie R. Kidwell


Dear Editor,

On Sunday, July 15, 2007, we lost our home to a devastating fire. We would like to thank all of the volunteers of the Saginaw and Summer Hill Fire Departments and the Columbiana Fire and Rescue Department. The outpouring of love and support has been overwhelming. Thank you. The fire was a total loss, and we appreciate everyone who has held our hands and held us up-physically, emotionally and through prayer. Thankfully, our son, Matthew Phelps, was not home on the Sunday of the fire. As heartbreaking as the fire was and will forever be, our greatest loss was all of our most cherished belongings, photos and videos of our son, Joseph Phelps, 12, who passed away July 24, 2004. Also lost in the fire were our two faithful companions. Hershey, Joseph&8217;s shepherd mix, was a quiet, gentle dog who spent endless hours at the foot of Joseph&8217;s bed watching Spongebob Squarepants with him. Taffy, Matthew&8217;s lab mix, was Matthew&8217;s constant companion, playmate and protector.

Words are not enough to express our gratitude. Please know we are very thankful and appreciative.

Kim and Bill Caldwell